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By TXBikerGuy (11 McR Points) on Oct 30, 2022

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Written Directions

Start at the Wise County Courthouse (or any of the great restaurants surrounding it). First section is north on FM 730. Nice views, elevation changes and fun sweeper curves for 25 miles until you reach FM 455. Turn left to start the second section on FM 455 (a current Motorcycle Roads favorite) for 7.5 miles of more sweeper curves to Forestburg. Stop at the Forestburg General Store for a burger if you have time. Then head back south on FM 1655 for 16 miles of scenic road and a few curves. Arriving in Alvord, turn left (before the railroad tracks) onto Old Decatur Road. This smaller county road takes you through the heart of the LBJ Grasslands area as it twists and turns for 14 miles back to Decatur. Be careful--some of the hills and curves are blind and there can be slow vehicles--including farm vehicles--on the other side. If you're on a dual-sport or ADV bike--you can take some of the side roads into the LBJ Grasslands and get a little dirt (well, mostly gravel) on. Total loop is just under 55 miles and about an hour of riding (if you sadly skip the burger in Forestburg).


This route essentially circles the LBJ Grasslands. There are hills and valleys--but it's north Texas, not Colorado. Mostly farm and cattle grazing land. For being less than an hour away from the DFW metroplex--it's a great little escape. On clear days, when you're headed north on 730 or west on 455, you can see the wind farms up near Muenster. Not so much an adrenaline-pumping route as a chilling and enjoying the ride type of thing.

Drive Enjoyment

This route is primarily sweeping curves with some coming close to being twisties--especially toward the end on Old Decatur Road. For North Texas, it has decent elevation changes along the way. On FM 455, you can open things up a bit but be careful--TX Highway Patrol knows how much fun this road is for us. On the southbound FM 1655 section, just north of Alvord there are 2 nice sweepers that can be peg-scrapers depending on your bike and mood. You'll know you're there when you see the big flashing arrow signs pointing the way. Old Decatur Road is the tightest, curviest of the loop--but also has the slowest speeds.

Tourism Opportunities

This isn't a road for stopping so much as riding. Downtown Decatur is nice and has a number of good restaurants (Rooster's is worth the stop) and an outstanding coffee shop (Trinity Coffee Bar). On FM 455, you'll pass a historic marker for where the Old Butterfield Stage route crossed the area. Sadly, all the old route station remnants are on private property. The Forestburg General Store doesn't look like a place you'd stop--but the ladies working the grill in the back corner make a mean cheeseburger. That's why you'll almost always see a biker or two parked out front. The last 3rd of the route goes through the LBJ Grasslands. There are several gravel roads heading further into the Grasslands that provide limited off-road riding options.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is our "we have a couple of hours to get out and ride" route. Been riding it for years and it's still enjoyable. If you live in the DFW metro area, this is a way to get some countryside into your ride.

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