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By Big_Mike (517 McR Points) on Aug 19, 2023

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Written Directions

Begin this route at Exit 692, State Highway 211 on southbound US Highway 101 approximately 15 miles south of Eureka. Follow signs to Ferndale and turn on to Mattole Road once you're in Ferndale. You'll eventually make your way over mountains and to a 10 mile stretch of road that is practically on the ocean beach. Following that you'll work your way to the tiny hamlet of Honeydew. Turn left at Honeydew and climb a mountain on very twisty roads and eventually make your way down the mountain to Big Trees (Redwoods) and not long thereafter connect with Highway 101.


Ocean, mountains, redwood trees, etc. this route has very enjoyable Northern California scenery.

Drive Enjoyment

This was one of those "bucket list" type of rides and certainly the 10 mile stretch along the ocean was wonderful. However..........the road in all the other places until you get within 10 miles of the end at Big Trees is absolutely miserable. There are so many potholes they are constantly unavoidable. and by the time you've done 70 miles in 2.5 hours, you feel beat to a pulp. You also will ride in a couple of spots with no pavement, just gravel but at least they are short stretches. If you feel like you want to add this to your "rode it" list, I'll recommend it for that pursuit only.

Tourism Opportunities

There is one very small town along the whole route, Honeydew.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Hope your shocks are in good order

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