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By Shufels (11 McR Points) on May 02, 2020

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Written Directions

North on FM-1385 then right on to 428 going East. Take 428 to 455. Turn right on 455 and take that to 289. Turn Left on 289 (North). You’ll take 289 and go all way through Gunter. When you get to 902, you’ll turn left. It is just a flashing yellow light at the intersection of 289 and 902. Follow 902 until 377, and turn left. This takes you through parts of Lake Ray Roberts. Go on 377 to 455 again and turn left. Take 455 and then turn on 1385 which will take you to the beginning of this ride.


Very rural with mostly two lane roadways. You’ll see a lot of fields, cattle and horses. 902 and some of 455 have some nice curves as well. There are a few Maw and Paw BBQ restaurants along 377, but otherwise chain restaurants.

Drive Enjoyment

Roads are in excellent condition on 1385, 289 and 902. 377 is good for the most part but as of the writing of this (5-2-2020) there are some areas they are resurfacing. 455 has some lumpy bumpy sections, but I have a Triglide and don’t even feel them...

Tourism Opportunities

This is a nice route for a good short ride. There are two sections that go through Lake Ray Roberts and you could pull over and do some fishing, but not off the bridges! Typical fast food chains are along the route on 377 going back towards Aubrey/Denton area, but there is a nice mom and pop BBQ place called Clark’s Outpost Bar-B Q that would be worth stopping for a good lunch or dinner.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review