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By chuckterrill (10 McR Points) on Dec 02, 2021

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Written Directions

From I-20 West take the exit for Aledo. Head south on FM 1187 towards downtown merge right to FM 5. Follow it up and around through Annetta, back under I-20 towards Lake Weatherford. You can continue around the lake or follow it out to FM 730. Heading north on 730 until you reach FM 1886 making a right will run you south back towards Aledo and I-20.


This will take you through some scenic Texas county side nice views of livestock and some good twisty roads, Near Annetta, there is a stretch of road with a tree canopy, and some exotic animals: zebra, alpaca, llamas. Be cautious there are often deer grazing near the road, and occasionally some gravel near the shoulders in a couple spots around the lake. These roads are all in good condition and typically not many cars, its a relaxing ride and not far from the busy metro area.

Drive Enjoyment

There are several turns, some are pretty sharp but all are clearly marked with signage, followed with some long straight aways. This is more of a pleasure cruise, where you can enjoy a slower paced ride without pressure and plenty of side roads you can explore at your own pace.

Tourism Opportunities

There are several places in and around Aledo to stop for fuel or food, its a short ride so not much is needed. There are also a couple of restaurants near Lake Weatherford.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review