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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Jun 30, 2007

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May 9, 2014
Just rode this yesterday 5-8-14. Neat ride 3rd…
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March 19, 2009
Spent the day on 536, 556, 255 and 78 and Sykes…

Written Directions

Start by getting yourself to Hannibal, OH. From their just take Ohio Rt 536 east to the end point of Ohio Rt 78. there are no towns between Hannibal and 78.


Hidden in the southeast corner of Ohio, just north of Wayne National Forest, you'll find a fantastic ride through the deep woods. Pics wouldn't even be able to really describe it. From steep hills, to valleys ... the view is superb!

Drive Enjoyment

There are practically no flat spots on this one. There are turns as tight as 15 mph; I took them at 30, and i was very close to scraping pegs. There are a few 180 degree reversals on it, and this snakes over some extremely steep terrain; steep enough that a stock sportster will need to be in 3rd gear. The road is in great shape pavement wise and yet will give any rider a serious workout and has to be treated with a lot of respect. 97% of the rough curves are well marked out, and it's highly advised to pay heed to them; they're there for a reason. The hills are very steep also, and can easily tax the brakes and I suggest using the engine as an additional brake. Keep in mind there are NO GUARDRAILS anywhere on this road once u start to leave Hannibal. Like the dragon, leave this road, and u leave the extra hard way. The hills are steep enough that u will quickly get too much speed for any hairpins that could come up. be on high alert for gravel in the moderate and extra sharp hairpins and curves as u will only have seconds at best to react to gravel. Another danger is idiots driving too fast in their cars ... stay on yer side of the road, or become a bug on the windshield.

Tourism Opportunities

This route is meant for ridding and nothing else! The only thing between the start point and the end point are turns, turns and more turns.

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September 25, 2009
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Motorcycle Type : Sport
I rode this today along with 800, 556 and 148. This was actually a disappointment given the hype. While it was fun, it felt very very cramped and I had many cars coming into my lane. I like others had to go into the other lane at the stop sign as it was simply too tight with the climb to stay in my own. I took it easy as it ws my first road with serious twisties in it. I found myself going through the corners about 10-20mph over the recommended except for the 15mph recommended turns. Those were usually tight and no joke. Also the blind climbs with curves shown got my heart going a few times. All in all good fun but wish it wasn't so cramped and went on longer.
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November 21, 2019
3916 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring
On bike I'm not as in love with this road as many of you. They've been working on this damned road since I first went on it in 2013. It's still not done, and honestly, it doesn't look like it will be done any time soon. That said, because they're still working on it there's various corners with spews of gravel, white dust and dirt on the road. That just isn't very confidence inspiring on two wheels. So...I take the car. Holy hell, in a hot hatch this road is 10x better than on the bike. I'm flying around shit like a lunatic and laughing my ass off. I would post a video of me in the car doing it, like I have for the bike, but it's nothing but me laughing and making noises. So, in summary, for me, car > bike for this road. Bikers, it's a good one, but BE CAREFUL. Car drivers...let'r rip. Who gives a crap about some undercarriage tinking sounds that is the rocks getting flung up, unless you're worried about your wheel well's paint job.
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September 2, 2015
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
I rode this road a couple years ago. It was incredible. It was so good that when we got down to the bottom we turned around to ride it again.
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