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By Guest (22 McR Points) on May 09, 2014

Creator : old roads
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Just rode this yesterday 5-8-14. Neat ride 3rd gear most of the way,came down 800 to 78 to 536. I liked 78 it was smooth wide and scenic. 536 is tight and twisty,can't check the scenery as the roads takes all the attention.I went north on 7 to 148 to rt 9. I enjoyed that more,148 is wide smooth nice turns and 9 to Belmont county is fun ride.

Update from Ohio’s Road Ranger (July 30th, 2020): It’s time to use some caution, if on a motorcycle. While certainly a mad hatter this road does have gravel in numerous spots. Sometimes around bends, sometimes in straights, and they’re constantly working on this road. As of June 2020 they’re really putting time in on the East end. 3 or 4 wheels is recommended, for now, but if you’re careful you should be able to enjoy it on 2. Watch your lean angle…

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