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By MCR Contributor (1039 McR Points) on Jul 11, 2011

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August 6, 2014
In my opinion this ride should be on every…
MCR Contributor
1039 McR Points
July 12, 2011
We left York Pa, heading for the BRP, and figured…

Written Directions

Skyline drive begins in Front Royal, VA which is about 80 miles west of Washington DC. Just hop on Skyline drive and take it south all the way through the Shenandoah National Park ... the end point is basically the town of Waynesboro, VA. From there you can either turn around and do this awesome road again or you could conveniently continue right on to the Blue Ridge Parkway (... another fan


You'll be riding through the beautiful Shenandoah National Park and see great mountain views and wildlife like deer and an occasional black bear ... but you'd better pay attention to the road as its loaded with turns!

Drive Enjoyment

It's 105 miles of twisty mountain roads....all smooth, clean road. Speed limit is only 35 mph due to the wilderness and mountains. You may reach 50mph but even at 35 it's very relaxing and enjoyable. Note: it can be damp in the morning from the elevation of the mountains.

Tourism Opportunities

Camping....hiking...sightseeing throughout Shenandoah National Park. Plenty of places to pull over, stretch the legs, and take in the beautiful views.

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September 4, 2015
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Motorcycle Type : Sport
Wow. This was just amazing, by far best ride I've ever gone on! Roads are spectacular, lots of places to stop at, Premium gas available half way through the park, caught 3 rainstorms from the south end to the north end of the park and it was still an amazing ride! This is a must for anyone around this area!
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MCR Contributor
July 12, 2011
1039 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Other
I road down from NJ to see my friend in virginia. He took me here around 9 in the morning and killed 2 hours tearing up this route. Speed limit is posted 35.....didn't really follow it. we tore this road up. I was coming down the skyview part and my heart sank as the view was unbelievable. the roads were smooothhh. theres only like 3 park police but they will ride your ass. luckly only saw 1 coming back. I'll be back next year for some more action!! wonderful time and would recommend it to anyone
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Brian Fistler
September 1, 2018
93 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Standard
With the artificially low 35 mph speed limit just inviting a Federal speeding ticket, entrance fee of $20 per motorcycle and nothing special about this road over the Blue Ridge Parkway which is free and a much more reasonable 45 mph speed limit there really is no reason to ride this route vs the BRP
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