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By TheBuffaloSoldier (12 McR Points) on Aug 06, 2014

Creator : The Buffalo Soldier
Motorcycle Type : Touring

In my opinion this ride should be on every motorcyclists bucket list! What a phenominal experience! I rode from TX to NY and took the opportunity to ride The Three Sisters, Natchez Trace Parkway, Cherahola Skyway, Tail of the Dragon, Blue Ridge Parkway and to my delight finished up with Skyline Drive! The variation- curves, hills, straight aways is enought to keep the ride very interesting. On the Blue Ridge and Natchez after a while it felt like the movie Ground Hog Day or 50 First Dates! LOL! But on Skyline Drive there seemed to always be something new around the corner, including a juvenile Black Bear that hung out road side and seemed to pose for pictures. Got a little nervous taking pictures of the little guys because kept wondering if Moma Bear would suddenly make an appearance which would have not been good sitting on a motorcycle. Lot's of places to stop and take pictures at key elevations and Skyline Hotels right on the drive. I made the ride in late July and higher elevations above 4,000ft was quite chilly so bring a jack or fannel shirt even during the summer time when you make this ride! This is a relaxing, varied and truely beautiful scenic ride that I highly reommend to all riders!

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