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By Ironpig (15 McR Points) on Aug 08, 2021

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Written Directions

Va. Rt. 522 runs through Front Royal, Va., to Culpepper, Va., and beyond taking riders from northern Va. (west of Washington, DC) southeast into the beauty of central Va.


This route is 41 miles of better-than-the-Skyline Drive riding and takes riders from the northern end of the Skyline Drive into some of the oldest settled land that was once Colonial Virginia. The road begins by winding its way around the Blue Ridge Mountains (not up and over them)_and into central Virginia. Great route to take a special friend along.

Drive Enjoyment

Va. Rt. 522 from Front Royal to Culpepper is 45 miles of pure riding bliss. The road surface is well maintained offering sweepers, ups and downs but no hairpins. The scenery is tops as you pass through Colonia era farmlands and then through forests which canopy the route and back through farmlands. Traffic is light and at times you feel like you're gliding.

Tourism Opportunities

No need to hurry, just cruise along taking in the scenery or stopping at one of the several wineries or at a farm stand to get fresh produce.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This rural route has a few isolated gas stations but since it's relatively short a quarter of a tank of gas should get you to Culpepper easily. Culpepper has everything you might need (gas, food, lodging, antiques, etc.). You'll wish this ride would never end.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review