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By Happy Puffer (5 McR Points) on Aug 28, 2018

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Jairo A chavez
4 McR Points
September 20, 2020
I went with my son on his first official ride.…

Written Directions

You will want to start at the Bulverde Rd and Smithson Valley Road outside 1604 off hwy 281 near San Antonio, TX. ITs a 3-way intersection all though you can start from anywhere on this rout as its a loop depending on how you want to deviate on your way back. At Bulverde RD You will go North on Smithson Valley Road towards 1863. When you get to 1863 you can go left or right but want to go right (Eastward) onto 1863 and in about 1 mile or less Smithson Valley road will come up again on your left where it continues on North. Take this left and its a nice back road past some homes. You will pass the High school and see a massive house on top a of a huge hill on the right but also a woodsy area. Then you will hit Highway 46 and want to take a right heading East on 46. You will take this long stretch till your just (west) outside of New Braunfels. 1863 will come up on your right side and you can take that back all the way to highway 281 just outside San Antonio or even cut back the way you came down to Bulverde Rd where you eventually started. There are plenty of side roads and places to explore. Houses to be seen and what not. If you feel like it, visit Coopers Old time Pit BBQ off 46 and Rivercrest. Its out of the way but its good and they have up front motorcycle parking.


From the start you will see hills and high end property with homes. Your typical foliage as you ride but there are some curves and not a lot of traffic. As you get to the second leg of Smithson Valley road you get a bit more secluded and narrower on the road but they are all paved and in good condition. Once on 46 you will have wide open lanes and see expanse of property, hills and ponds. When you loop back onto 1863 its more of the same but with more curvy roads. After the main intersection you will begin to see steeper and higher hills and some brief cliff action as well as a valley. You can check out some of the homes on the hills as well.

Drive Enjoyment

Mostly in good shape and no major pot holes. Be cautious around the narrow curves.

Tourism Opportunities

No much till you get towards New Braunfels like a gas station and an HEB. Most of this 1 hours cruise is trees and hills.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

A good 1 hour cruise to get some riding in to relieve the itch. There are plenty of side roads into nice neighborhoods on some steep hills to check out. You can also turn this into a half day ride if on your way back, you loop onto 46 and take it all the way to the town of Bandera or Helotes then loop back however you choose. An all day ride can be had if you go all the way out to Lost Maples State Park but be prepared and watch out for the cop that sleeps under the tree in the steep hill country. He gets you for waking him up.

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Jairo A chavez
September 20, 2020
4 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
I went with my son on his first official ride. Good for beginners, not too , there's dining and next door to Groene, TX if you want to extend it a bit.
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