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By HunterSr (56 McR Points) on Feb 10, 2020

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Written Directions

This is a good ride to feed on some regional East Texas Pittsburg style hot links (https://pittsburghotlink.com/) without any interstate travel. The route begins in East Plano, TX and ends in Pittsburg, TX. Begin in East Plano on Plano Parkway FM 544 east. Take FM 544 east about 6 miles to Hwy 78. Turn left (northeast) on Hwy 78 for about 8.6 miles to Nevada, TX. In Nevada turn right (east) on FM 6. Follow FM 6 east to Hwy 66 in Caddo Mills, TX. Turn left on Hwy 66 (northeast) for about 1 mile then turn right (southeast) on FM 36. Follow FM 36 for about 6 miles (you'll cross under I30 and jog to the left) until you reach FM 1564. Turn left on 1564 (east) and go for about 12.5 miles until you reach Hwy 69 and turn right (southeast) on Hwy 69. Follow 69 about 5 miles to FM 1567 in Lone Oak, TX. Turn left (east) on FM 1567 and ride for about 30 miles until reaching FM 2948. Turn right (south) on FM 2948 for about 4.5 miles to Hwy 69. Turn right (east) on 69 for about 2.2 miles then keep straight (east) on FM 269. Ride FM 269 for about 1.7 miles then turn right (southeast) on FM 2407/852. Follow FM 2407/852 for about 6.3 miles to Hwy 11 in Winnsboro, TX. Turn right (southeast) on Hwy 11 Broadway St and go for about 0.6 miles to FM 1448. Turn left on FM 1448 (northeast) and ride for about 8.7 miles to FM 1519. Stay right to FM 1519 (east) and follow it for 5.6 miles to Hwy 11 at Leesburg, TX. Turn left (northeast) for just 1 mile to FM 1519 again and turn right (south). Take FM 1519 about 0.2 miles and turn left (east) on CR 3109 (it's just after you cross the railroad tracks. Follow CR 3109 east and it will become FM 3042. In about 6.7 miles you'll reach FM 556 Clayton St, Pittsburg, TX. Turn left (northeast) on Clayton St for about 0.5 mile to Rusk St. Turn left (north) on Rusk for about 0.3 miles to Marshall St. Turn left (west) on Marshall St and Pittsburg Hot Links will be about 1 block up on your left.


Lots of farmland, many trees, a few lakes, some creeks, plenty of fields, livestock, farms and ranches.

Drive Enjoyment

Most of these roads are pretty empty so you can ride at your own pace (very little other traffic). Road conditions are very good, some are a little curvy others a little straight. It's a very relaxing ride.

Tourism Opportunities

This is a good ride to feed on some regional East Texas Pittsburg style hot links without any interstate travel. In good weather it's a good ride for a standard, sport-tourer, adventure or touring bike. Not much of a tourist trip, it's a relaxing ride though. It's pretty rural most of the way. The bigger towns will be Winnsboro and Pittsburg where motels can be found. No parks or camping that I know of.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Pittsburg Hot Links is a dumpy little place that has been serving East Texas style hot links in downtown Pitttsburg since 1918. These little links are usually served with just some saltine crackers and a bottle of homemade hot sauce. They are tasty little grease bombs. You should also try the ChiHotChi (chopped hot links, chili, and cheese topping mixed together in a bowl). They also have good hamburgers and fries etc. for the hot link averse.

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