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By Vader3 (45 McR Points) on Aug 07, 2017

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January 18, 2021
Well, it's certainly an interesting route.…

Written Directions

Begin atop Shaffer Mountain, at the intersection of Shaffer Mountain Rd and Crumb Rd ( T-816 ) near Schellsburg PA. Head east down Shaffer Mountain, and at the bottom of the hill bear left with the good pavement to continue of Shaffer Mountain Rd (also known as SR4014). Continue of SR 4014 until it ends at a "TEE". Turn left at the "TEE" on SR4001. In about 800ft, SR4001 will end at a "TEE" on PA Rt96. Turn left or PA Rt96 north. Take the next left on Bethel Hollow Road. After 2,2 miles on Bethel Hollow Rd, bear right at the fork on Gravity Hill Rd. After this, continue to take the next 4 right hand turns for a few miles ( Buckeye Rd, Felix Rd, Rowser Rd, and Rocklick Hollow Rd ). This will spit you back out onto PA Rt96 in New Paris PA.


The view from atop Shaffer Mountain is spectacular if you find gaps in the trees on your left to peer through. It's about 800 ft down ( VERY steeply ) to the valley below. The scenery coming down off of the forested mountain is equally as impressive. After the initial steep descent, you figure you're all the way down, only to find that you keep descending lower and lower over a patchwork quilt of farmlands for another 3 miles or so! Behind Gravity Hill is also wonderful, and you might hear the "Dueling Banjos" theme song in your head here...

Drive Enjoyment

Tremendous altitude changes, and a blend of twisties and sweepers over smooth roads ( Bethel Hollow Road not-withstanding ).

Tourism Opportunities

There's a gas station on Rt 30 4 miles east of Schellsburg, and one about 4 miles north of New Paris on Rt96, but that's about it. However, there is GRAVITY HILL!!! Just after getting onto Gravity Hill Rd, you will go up a short rise and then the road kinks slightly to the left. After this, the road is straight and "flat" for around 2/10's of a mile. At the beginning of this "flat" section you will notice the word "Start" spray painted on the road. From here on down to where the word "end" is spray painted on the road is where things get funky. When I said the road is "flat" it actually is DOWNHILL a few degrees, but it is board-straight and maintains the same degree of slope for this brief stretch. What's crazy is, your eyes will surely tell you you're looking downhill. However, everything on this hill rolls "backwards" & uphill. This is easy to see in a car, where you can put it into neutral and let it slowly coast backwards - uphill. On a bike, you won't gather speed fast enough to hold your bike up, BUT, you can still see this work if you are prepared. When I take bikers there, I take a marble and about 6ft of Hot Wheels track pieces in my saddlebags ( stop at a ToysR Us or WalMart for it ). Then I put the trac together on site, and watch the marble roll uphill! People freak out the first time they see this, and it's well worth the $8 spent.

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January 18, 2021
3916 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Other
Well, it's certainly an interesting route. Gravity Hill and other roads in the area do a decent job of making you wiggle and move around in the car. (It was winter when I went, so this was via car.) The real treat is Schaffer Road & Shaffer Mountain Road, though. Quite scenic, and a nice fresh band of tarmac laid out in front of you. Of course the shame is that there's really not many other roads around in the area, barring 26. So, while this is entertaining, it's not something I would go to from hundreds of miles away, or so. Stop by if you're in the area, and check out 26, as well. Also, I've posted a video of this route up. Check it out in the videos section.
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