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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Oct 31, 2006

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December 29, 2007
I've been to this road twice in two years…
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August 16, 2012
This review shows only from Stecoah to Deals Gap…

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Heading north on the Hellbender 28, you find a completely different road experience with sweeping curves and drop offs, all lakeside in the Great Smoky Mountains. There are few drives in America that can equal the views as you travel this beautiful byway along Fontana Lake in North Carolina. The 22 mile stretch is surrounded by water and dense, forested mountains. The 22 mile stretch ends at Deals Gap and begins what is then called the famous "Dragon."

Drive Enjoyment

These two lane mountain side roads are in great shape. There is little commercial traffic which leaves plenty of wide open space for the cycling public.

Tourism Opportunities

At the halfway point on this roadway, you come to Fontana Village at Fontana Dam, NC. The motorcycle friendly resort looks directly into the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and offers a lodge, cabins, camping and even houseboats for rent. They have a great selection of restaurants, retail outlets and amenities for the vacationing cycle enthusiast. Many cycle clubs use this resort to base their events out of because the Hellbender 28 intersects the famous Dragon at Deals Gap. In addition, the resort has a great roadside pitstop called "Hellbender 28 Pitstop" with food, gear and plenty of great tee shirts. And, the route is not far from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and its great amenities.

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October 2, 2009
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
Excellent warm-up leading to The Dragon. In some respects its better than Hwy129 due to the widely differing types of turns along this road. It has a mix of tight uphills/downhills, blind hairpins, and graceful turns. The scenery is especially beautiful as you near sunset with a fine mist settling over the water. Also very fun in a cage if that's all you brought with you that day.
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March 12, 2020
86 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Sport
Great ride nice road great view can’t wait to ride again!
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June 17, 2020
37 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Adventure Touring
Rode it right after Tail of the Dragon at the start of a long riding day. Not the best decision. It is beautiful, but worth taking your time and riding both ways.
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