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By GlidinWide (5 McR Points) on Mar 19, 2014

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Written Directions

From Lambertville, NJ, head north on River Road all the way up to French Town, NJ.


When you headed North the Mountains hug your left side and the Delaware cozies up on your right side. Several very good eateries in your travels on this road. After crossing over the bridge into Jersey you will roll through some very quaint little towns, and the scenery on the Jersey side is rather shaded with fleeting glimpses of the other side of the Delaware

Drive Enjoyment

Lots of Curves to enjoy, mostly flat, few one lane bridges, The Road does not have a lot of potholes

Tourism Opportunities

If you cross the river over to the PA side, you'll see many places along the Pa side to stop enjoy a walk along the river, fish, have a picnic, or just bask in the sun

No reviews added for this route. Write a review