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By Bewo69 (10 McR Points) on Mar 30, 2015

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Written Directions

Simply start in Cortina d'Ampezzo and head east on SR48 all the way to Misurina (or take the route in reverse).


The route passes through the Italian Dolomites mountains which form the southern Alps. The mountains in this area offer STARKLY JAGGED and uneven ridges that SEEM TO BURST OUT above the tree lines and make for some of the most distinctly beautiful mountain landscapes to be found anywhere in the world. Below these inspiring peaks lie rich green vibrant forests and fertile picturesque green valleys. Wonderful little villages and farms along the path as well! The mountain pass connects the famous ski resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo and Misurina. The scenery is a solid 5 Star rating throughout the whole route and CAN BE SEEN IN the uncut motorcycle video below.

Drive Enjoyment

Very curvy and nice mountain pass road with some very sever switch backs at some points (see the map above). Traffic can be strong at times. And, you will see many other motorcycles traveling this wonderful route too!

Tourism Opportunities

Restaurant at the top nd very nice walking paths and views. And there are many areas to pull over and take in the views and beautiful natural scenery.

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Tre Crocipass by motorcycle uncut version:

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