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By ChiefPockets (27 McR Points) on Jun 21, 2017

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Written Directions

All roads are in Schaumburg, IL. Start at the intersection of Hilltop and Schaumburg. Briefly follow Hilltop south, then turn left at the stop sign for Cedarcrest. Follow Cedarcrest until you hit Wise - turn right. After about a mile, turn right onto Braintree. Follow it until you hit Schaumburg - turn right. Follow Schaumburg for about a half mile, then turn right onto Salem. Follow Salem until you once again hit Wise.


This route is almost entirely residential. Although portions of the route have some large, older trees, do not expect scenery besides the usual houses of suburbia.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are in excellent shape due to minimal truck traffic. Despite the low speed limits the roads still offer enough curves to be interesting.

Tourism Opportunities

While the curvy roads (Cedarcrest, Braintree, Salem) offer nothing but houses, you will be able to find restaurants long both Wise and Schaumburg roads. Woodfield Mall is just a short jaunt to the northeast and offers lots of excellent dining both in and around it. If not for the traffic, McConnor Parkway just north of the mall would be part of this route. Stratford Square Mall offers a similar (although not quite as excellent) dining experience just a few miles to the south.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This route is almost entirely residential. Do not speed. Do not ride this if you have loud aftermarket exhaust.

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