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By jmenlow (10 McR Points) on Jun 19, 2023

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Written Directions

To get to the start point take Hwy. 278 to Bethlehem Rd. near the Polk County Airport then cross over Morgan Valley Rd. to Hightower Rd. South. Then start route, Southeast on Everett Mountain at Hightower Road to West on Pleasant Hill/ Browning Road. Turn North on Hightower and take back to start.


Take a tour of the back country in Polk County Ga. Traverse the hills and hollers on this twisty route through the hidden mountains of Rockmart/ Cedartown Georgia. Cool yourself of with a bit of wind therapy in the canopy of trees that cover the road. Admire the finest of farm and stable that the county has to offer. Then, slow your roll to admire the occasional wild life crossing. Twist your way up the mountain on the switchbacks and rolling hills and then descend down back to calm your nerves.

Drive Enjoyment

This route has many switch backs, undulating hills that will make your hair stand on end and your butt clench. The roadway is well maintained and is a great hot day ride as the trees canopy the majority of the road ways. This is farm land so watch for the wash of light gravel and sand as well as the occasional, tractor, atv, or slow moving car. Be on the look out for wild life, turkey, deer, raccoons, and hawks. There aren't any overlooks or pull offs. There is a Cowboy's gas station at 278 and Bethlehem to top off and refresh yourself before and after.

Tourism Opportunities

Hightower Falls is on the route. hightowerfalls.com

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