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By GhostMerc (35 McR Points) on Jun 11, 2021

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Written Directions

Start off at The River House Bar which is where M-61 crosses the Tittabawasee River. Go north on Lakeview drive. Continue North on Lakeshore Drive. Cross Secord Dam road and continue on Lakeshore. Eventually you'll come to 3 rivers road. Take a right, then the first left onto Bomanville. Take a left onto Wildwood road and continue until you reach M30.


Most of the route follows the lake closely. Due to the dam collapse in 2020 the lake has been drained and the river is hard to see from the road. Otherwise, both sides of the road are lined with small cottages and trees.

Drive Enjoyment

The road has a low posted speed limit of 15 or 20 mph but the tight twists and turns make it feel fast enough. The road is narrow in some sections and may have gravel or sand. Overall, it is a nice relaxing ride. This is a much nicer alternative than taking M30 the entire ride even if it's slower.

Tourism Opportunities

Seeing the aftermath of the dam collapse is pretty bizarre. Lots of vegetation has sprouted on what used to be the bottom of a lake. There's a small "resort' along the river which consists of cabins and a main area. Otherwise this is just a nice detour of a main road.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

I typically travel this route in the morning when it is nice and shady. It feels like a stroll through the park on your motorcycle.

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