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By re-toyered (58 McR Points) on Sep 07, 2022

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Written Directions

Starting at the intersection of Highways 11 and 307, the route goes directly to Seven Sisters Falls then through prairie before winding through lakes in the western Canadian Shield. Near Rennie (not on the route), 307 joins 44 and at that point you can jump on Provincial Trunk Hwy 44 (Manitoba, Canada). Overall, this route is an enjoyable trip on mediocre roads.


This is the western part of the Canadian Shield and is mostly in Whiteshell Provincial Park. I love the ruggedness of this area with plenty of lakes and river crossings. Whiteshell Provincial Park is Boreal forest in the Precambrian shield. Check out their website for more information about the lakes and hiking trails!

Drive Enjoyment

The road has lots of twisting curves and few straight sections, aside from the prairie section east of Seven Sisters Falls.

Tourism Opportunities

There are lots of pullouts for picnic areas and camping. We stopped at Rainbow Falls for a short hike - 10 minutes. There's a corridor of sorts for bird watchers and the park is meant to preserve the natural lowland areas of eastern Manitoba.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review