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By deweyjamerson (19 McR Points) on Mar 29, 2022

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Written Directions

The Bootlegger starts in the town of Grundy, VA. Take Highway 83 towards Welch, WV. Before Welch, you will turn left on Highway 16. Go right on Highway 52 (The Coal Heritage Highway) to Bluefield WV. Take US 460 towards Tazwell VA. This takes you back to Grundy.....


Heading out of Grundy, you travel the mountainous terrain of VA/WV. The roads are a little rough but the scenery is worth seeing. Once you get on Highway 52, you travel through one coal camp into another. US 460 towards Grundy is a wider valley..... We stopped at Burke's Garden, just off of Highway 61, east of Tazwell.... The highest valley in VA...

Drive Enjoyment

Highway 83 is a curvy, mountainous road.... This section is in need of repair. Highway 52 is a valley road, going thru old coal towns. US 460 is a straight 4 lane road...

Tourism Opportunities

I don't really know about the tourism Opportunities. I did see signs for the Hatfield/McCoy ATV Trail System. East of Tazwell, I have eaten at the restaurant named Cuz's.... BBQ, steak and seafood..... If you travel into Burke's Garden, there are a couple of places to eat. Bring cash or checks.....

No reviews added for this route. Write a review