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June 20, 2009
The views in this area are great and most of the…

Written Directions

Start in Milton, KY on hwy 421 south towards Bedford, Ky. Turn right on 2870 (new hope ridge rd)to right on 625 then a just about a 1/4 mile or so turn on 1838 witch will come to 754 go right. then turn left on 2868 (morton ridge rd) at hwy 42 go right. Stay on 42 for a mile or so. Look for hwy 157 on the left, just past 157 you will see pattons creek rd on the right (be careful you can easily pass it up). Take pattons creek rd to 1488 and go left (??? He said right). Take 1488 to 524 and go right (be careful parts of this road is steep and rough). Take 524 all the way to the town of Westport, Ky. You will come to a (T) in the road. Go right to the river where there are panic tables and a wonderful view if the Ohio river (if you want some food, instead of turning right, turn left and a few 100 yards down on the left is the general store). This town is small and sets right on the Ohio river. After a break go back past the general store this is still 524. Just about a mile up the road 18 mile creek rd will be on your left. This rd is small but will keep you busy. There is a hump in the road that I love to fly over but go slow first and then take it again fast. You might loose your lunch. This road will come back to 524 go right and take to 42 then go right. He said left). take 42 for several miles to the town of Prospect, Ky. Just as you are going down the hill on 42 to Prospect you will come to a light this is hwy 329 turn left take 329 for several miles until you reach the town of Crestwood, Ky this is your ending point.


The name says it all. This route meanders through various creeks around the Ohio river and has great views of some high ground that looks out over some horse farms.

A couple of the scenic highlights on this road are on hwy 329 just outside of Prospect on the right. There you will find two large water falls that are beautiful just after a rain. both are 20 to 30 feet high. You have to be looking for them because they are down a hill just off the road. If you park your bike at the top or bottom of the hill you can get to them to take a picture. One water fall is at the top and one is at the bottom.

Note: In the directions below, I suggest taking this ride from north to south (starting in Madison and ending in Crestwood). However, if you take the ride in the opossite path, from south to north, the views are so different that it`s like a totally different ride so I highly suggest you do the roundtrip to see enjoy the different aspects/views.

Drive Enjoyment

Most of this route has new to almost new pavement. There are a few rough spots but only a few and you see them before you hit them so you can slow down. Parts of this ride have sharp turns and twists with steep climbs and descents.

Tourism Opportunities

This is a route that stays off the beaten path but is always just a few minutes from food and gas and just as close to a state park. you actually ride down the Ohio river on one part and stop at the river for a scenic break and lunch. there is a general store that has good food at good prices.

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June 20, 2009
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Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
The views in this area are great and most of the roads are nice. US 42, however, is in horrible disrepair in Oldham County and I always avoid it whenever possible. Cracks run across the road every hundred feet or so making it a very rough ride with plenty of potholes for flavor.
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