The McR Facebook Page has been hijacked

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Update:  A few days ago, I restored my administrative access to the McR Facebook page ( and purged the site of the bogus accounts that were posting endless strange videos (AGAIN!!!  This has NOTHING to do with the website ... this was only related to someone hacking their way into Facebook and gaining access to the McR Facebook page).  Facebook was illusive and frustratingly silent during this whole time ... sending me canned/generic instructions every week or so that has me wondering if they are trying to hide something or overwhelmed with other cybersecurity issues, or if this is standard for them to give shoddy support to Facebook accounts that don’t spend millions on advertising on their platform.  I don’t know because they simply won’t communicate with me (other than sending me to online chat sessions with lower level technical support people who stall me with “I can assure you, our upper level support is diligently looking into this issue,” “it shouldn’t be long before someone contacts you and helps you resolve this situation,” and my favorite – “let us look positively upon this issue.”  But the bottom line is, is all the bogus accounts that gained access to the page and posted the videos are gone and have moved on to wreak havoc on other accounts.  So, I’ll begin posting again and hope that Facebook at some point comes clean to tell me what happened.  

I am sorry for the frustration/confusion it caused any of you.  Believe me, whatever you were feeling, it was 10 times that for me as I couldn't do anything (couldn't post any updates explaining what was going on, couldn't see (much less reply to) any of the many FB messages that folks were sending telling me it looked like the account was hacked, and after seeing that many FB users have blocked/un-liked the site that I've worked years to gather. 

Thanks for hanging with me on Facebook.  If by chance you hid the FB page or blocked it or whatever, please un-do that as I will be back to posting the motorcycle riding content that you liked the page for in the first place!




Folks, I apologize if you are one of the followers at the McR Facebook page (, but someone has hijacked the account and is posting a bunch of weird videos.  I noticed the first one on Saturday the 26th of Sep and immediately contacted FB.  After 7 attempts to get them to help me (all they let you do is online chat with someone who seems to be stalling), here we are a week later and they not only haven't helped get my access to the FB Page back but they won't even stop the bogus posts (I've filled out signed forms, scanned a copy of my license, answered security questions, etc.).  Instead of them taking action and at least pausing the page posts until they figure this out, I keep getting frustrating statements from them like "we are very committed to resolving this situation," "someone from our internal department will contact you shortly," and my favorite "let us look positively upon this ...." 

Also, to be clear - the McR Facebook page is in NO WAY CONNECTED TO the site so NOTHING ON THAT SITE HAS BEEN IMPACTED BY THE FACEBOOK PROBLEM.  

Anyway, as I said, I literally can't even post a message on the page saying something like - "someone is posting inappropriate posts on this page and FB security is trying to resolve the issue" ... I just keep asking FB for help, keep receiving - "your call is very important to us..." kind of responses. 

I'll post updates here.  Sorry for the issues..........