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By richbrown (85 McR Points) on Mar 23, 2023

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Written Directions

Although this route could have saved time by staying on the interstates, my brain couldn't handle another long day of farms and billboards. So I took 2 lanes most of the way, with the exception of Manhattan KS to Topeka KS. Out of Kearney, take NE-10 S through Minden. At Upland NE, head out on NE-4 E to Beatrice NE. At Beatrice, get on US-77 S, stay in this road until you reach Fort Riley Blvd. At Fort Riley, move to KS-24E to Manhattan KS and then onto KS-177S to I-70. Take I-70 E to Topeka KS. This is the only section of interstate I rode on day 8. From Topeka KS, get on US-75 S . Turn right from US-75 S onto KS-268 E. This road turns in KS-68E and you take that road into Ottawa KS.


This route goes through several small towns which gives you a chance to sample non-chain cafes and restaurants.

Drive Enjoyment

By staying on 2 lanes, I broke up the monotony of a long day. Watch fro speed limit changes in the small towns you pass through

Tourism Opportunities

Minden, Manhattan and Topeka are the only places on this route that MAY offer something to stop and visit.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Thsi is segment 8 of ride around the edge of Colorado

No reviews added for this route. Write a review