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By yearly rookie (5 McR Points) on Jul 30, 2014

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Written Directions

Start point is sugar bottom road right where meffafy bridge starts by sugar bottom take the sugar bottom road all the way staying on it till you get to newport road if you want a shorter route go left on newport but if you want a longer one go right. That should take you to dubuqe road if i remember right where you should take a right to the coraville dam where you can go to a raptor center, a short walk, beach or theres a campground. If you do this route between 4-9 on the weekends when you get through the campground theres a resturant called the greenfish . BEST place ever, after you pass the resturant keep going you will hit a stop sign take a right which will take you to north liberty where you add more roads *tiffin to marengo * but i usally end it in north liberty


You will pass rolling hills down these winding roads beautiful houses you will also go through the coravill dam so you will see a fossil gorge a impressive roller damn you can walk up to and miles of open cornfields

Drive Enjoyment

Pavement = best near cedar rapids no heavy machine so no dividets no potholes almost no gravel (gravel is brought on by neighboring roads so just a few rocks here and there) very few traffic

Tourism Opportunities

Very few resturants (some right before the ride some right after only one on the route itself passing the damn is the most off bike fun to have NO gas stations at all but its only a hour trip so you should be fine

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Becuase of the few traffic great road conditions its very easy to want to do high speeds i have gone 60-70 in these turns but im seasoned on this road and know it well do not try any faster or close to this until your road knowledge is excellent here RIDE SAFE

No reviews added for this route. Write a review