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By mac (13 McR Points) on Nov 17, 2011

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January 25, 2021
The Coyote store in Gale has great music most…

Written Directions

From Lamesa head North on 87 and turn East off 1210. When you drop down into the Caprock you will see a spring fed watering hole on the right side of the road. Rumor says that it was a rock pit and the owner hit the spring and flooded the whole thing. Up to the last few years the bar ditch stayed full of spring water, and the bottom of the Caprock would be three to four inches deep in surface water. Our water table is low so don't expect to see water now. You can expect to see dear, coyote, wild hog and wild turkey. Once you'r up on top of the rock you'r going to see miles of cotton. It's pretty when the cotton is green or blooming. When you get to the end of 1210 turn right onto 1054. I have taught my whole family to ride on the route. It offers a little of everything. When you drop back into the canyon you can expect to see more wildlife and breath taking country. When you come to 180 you have options: - If you turn left you will stay in the canyon for a few more miles and ride to Gail Texas (this is the option the map shows!). There is a small country store there that is open during the week. - If you turn right you can take 180 West and turn South back onto 1054 which will give you some great curves through the canyons. You will end up back on 87. Left to Big Spring Texas or right back to Lamesa Texas. If you want to cut your ride short you can turn right from 1054 onto 180 West and return to Lamesa. The scenery is best when we have had lots of rain.


You will see wildlife like coyote, deer, antelope, wild turkey and wild hogs as well as plant life common to this area. If the cotton is green the area can be kind of pretty. It also is kind of pretty when the blossoms start blooming and the plant is white that can be pretty too. Along 1210 there is a spring fed lake that has wildlife from this area. I have seen deer, coyote, wild turky, hog and quail. Along 1054 on top of the rock you can see bald eagle. As you drop down into the Caprock there will be the chance to see more wildlife. The scenery is much prettier here. While you are in the Caprock look for antelope. They are thick.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are narrow and two lane except for 87. All the surfaces are in good repair except for 1054 when you turn off of 180. However there are some really good curves on this road but the surface of the road on the curves can rough so be warned. . Just leave yourself a little safety margin in case you hit the rough spots. Oil field traffic is also heavy at times and the road is narrow.

Tourism Opportunities

Don't expect any toilets on this route. There is one rest area on 180 towards Gail but it has no water.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

Make sure you have plenty of gas. You can't buy any once you leave Lamesa. There are no rest or stop areas. This is all wild country.

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January 25, 2021
188 McR Points
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The Coyote store in Gale has great music most weekends.
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