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By AndrewBuckMichael (5 McR Points) on Jun 26, 2015

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Written Directions

Take US40 west out of Columbus. It is a pretty straight trip until you start getting out into the country. Take a left onto 142 in West Jefferson, and then keep cruising. It will automatically change into 42 when you get into London and take the slight left turn when 142 ends. There is a slight jog in Cedarville, but just follow the 42 signs. Once in Xenia, stay on 42 and go through Main St and take the first right on 2nd St. Keep taking that straight and it will turn into Upper Bellbrook Rd. Great hills and curves are ahead and it will dump you out into the East side of Dayton and it turns into Whipp Rd. You are on your own at that point, but it is a great way to avoid the highway and soak in some country time.


The ride is pretty straight and open for the first couple legs. Once you get passed London it will start getting a little hillier and the best parts are between Cedarville and Dayton. Wish there were some good workarounds with the towns, like Xenia, but it is nice to have the fuel/food options too.

Drive Enjoyment

No problems with the roads at all. All were pretty freshly paved.

Tourism Opportunities

A couple towns along the way to stop and fuel up.

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