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By Slap88 (5 McR Points) on Jul 19, 2015

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October 16, 2016
I went for this fantastic ride in perfect mid-Oct…

Written Directions

This route starts in Fort Lee, NJ on the Palisades Interstate Parkway and goes all the way to the end where you then get on 7 Lakes Dr. At the first circle on 7 Lakes Dr. you make a right onto Rt 106 West which then turns into Rt 17A..Lots of great twistys on106/17A. 17A to Rt. 210 S. in Greenwood lake..nice twists that run alongside the lake. 210 S. turns into 511 S. when you cross back over into NJ. Take 511 to Rt 23 South to Rt80 East that will put you back in Fort Lee


The beginning of the route starts on the beautifully tree lined Palisades Interstate Parkway and then continues onto 7 Lakes Dr. which is mostly tree lined with a few small lakes. The scenery on Rt 106 is mostly treelined with some really breathtaking lakes as well. 17A is all treelined as you traverse over a mountain. Rt 210 runs along the spectacular Greenwood lake which is backed by a great tree covered mountain and Is the best of the scenery on this ride. Rt 511 runs alongside the Wanaque reservoir and has some really great views. Not much to see on Rt 23 and Rt 80 coming back towards the end of this route

Drive Enjoyment

The roads on this route are all in really good condition. The start and end are pretty much your average highways but the parts in between contain a lot of twistys and a climb over a mountain.

Tourism Opportunities

This route has it all. On the Palisades Interstate Parkway there are two scenic view parking lots with a great view of the Hudson river and New York from the edge of the Palisades cliffs. 7 Lakes Dr. and Rt. 106 have camping and picnic spots as well as lakes to swim in. Rt. 210 has boating and swimming areas for Greenwood lake and there are bars and places to eat in town.

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October 16, 2016
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I went for this fantastic ride in perfect mid-Oct weather just before the peak of foliage. Stopped at the Monksville Dam & Reservoir for a short break. While enjoying the scenery, a gentleman on '74 Honda CB750 joined in to share few words. He was a local that offered to take me to a route that he enjoys; a slight deviation from this loop. He took me on the east side of Greenwood Lake (instead of the west side the route suggests). Once at the north peak of the lake, we stopped in for a drink & few bites at Emerald Point Restaurant & Marina. Food is good & the view is fantastic (both the lake & bikes) from here.

We continued on to route 17A & eventually split - he took a right on to Long Meadow Rd. (also great road I was told). It was around 4pm at that point & I had to start heading home - Long Island is about 2 hours & guaranteed traffic. I continued east to get back on 17 south & went over Tappan Zee.

I hope to get out here again soon; I'll start the trip early enough to finish the suggested loop which puts you in Bear Mountain further north.
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