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By mchance (897 McR Points) on Mar 15, 2024

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Written Directions

Take your best route to Lonedell, MO, on MO-30, to the intersection of MO-30 and Hwy N. Proceed north on Hwy N for approximately 8 miles, to the intersection with Hwy O. Turn right and continue for approximately 2 miles, to the intersection with Hwy N and HH. Turn left to continue on Hwy N for 7 miles. Turn left on 4th Street, then right on W Orleans Street. Route ends at the intersection of W Orleans and S 1st Street (Hwy O).


The route travels through the Missouri countryside, over gently rolling hills, past farms, rural houses, and exurb subdivisions, and through the villages of Lonedell, Robertsville, and Catawissa, and ends in Pacific, MO, just south of Route 66. The route is lined with open fields and is intermittently tree lined, and has some good scenic vista views when going over the tops of hills.

Drive Enjoyment

This is very much a wide open cruising route, with gentle hills and mostly sweeping turns, with the need to slow only in the villages of Robertsville and Catawissa, and at the end of the route entering Pacific. The route is well maintained rolled asphalt.

Tourism Opportunities

There aren't any tourism opportunities along the route itself, but Pacific has a number of historic Route 66 sites, and the route ends at the Pacific Brew Haus, located in the historic Opera House of Pacific.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

The is a very popular connector route from MO-30 to Pacific, due to its ease of riding and scenic views.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review