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By jim.kubinski (18 McR Points) on Dec 02, 2013

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In Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The road is M-28 and starts in Munsing and heads east to Newberry.


Some of Michigan's Finest. In the summer months or Autumn ride is just incredible. Lots of tress. Great smell. This past summer my father and I took a trip around Michigan. Over 1,400 miles all in one state. We stayed in Newberry and used M-28 to get over to Marquette. I named this route after the long stretch that just goes straight for about 25 or so miles between Newberry and Munising. If you are in the Upper Peninsula I would highly suggest this route because it provides a great opportunity to see Michigan's outdoors, as well as some quaint, small towns on your way to Marquette. It just smells fresh.

Drive Enjoyment

Really no issues at all. Appears to be well maintained.

Tourism Opportunities

Not a whole lot. There are occasional roadside parks that have outhouses or restroom buildings.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review