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April 13, 2010
Best stretch of this road is from Harvard to…

Written Directions

Written directions: From exit 289, (Pines Rd) head south on Hwy 27 to Hwy 278 and turn left into Rockford. Follow through Rockford on into Idaho (road changes names in Idaho to Hwy 58) and turn right on US-95. Follow US-95 south through Plummer and down to Idaho Hwy 6. Turn left on Hwy 6 and go through Potlatch Idaho and into the White Pine Scenic By-Way and all the way (about 35 miles) up to Idaho Hwy 3. Turn left (get on Hwy 3) and head north to St. Maries. From there take Idaho Hwy 5 back to Plummer Idaho and you've completed a loop. From here you can head back up US-95 (heading north) to back to Spokane Valley if you wish. One can also take Idaho Hwy 3 from St Marie's to US-95 around the east side of Lake Coeur d' Alene which is also an excellent ride!


The scenery varies from wheat country to mountains and along the St Joe river. After you get on US-95, the ride from there is mixed wooded scenery and rolling hills until we reached Potlatch. Not long after going through Potlatch we hit the White Pine Scenic By-Way. Fair scenery but lots of curves to test ones Moto skills. We gassed up in St Maries and boogied along the St Joe River. Very scenic with lots of sphincter snapping curves. This took us back to Plummer and from there we headed to the Barn.

Drive Enjoyment

The roads are very smooth with a lot of high speed curves, combined with sections of very tight to some hairpin turns.

Rounding up the riders @ my son's house (Geezy Rider)

Tourism Opportunities

There are lots of places to stop and gas up or chow down. After getting on US-95 just a few miles down the road we stopped at a casino and had a killer buffet breakfast for only eleven bucks a person.

Voiding the bladders in the White Pine Scenic Bi-Way (Geezy Rider)

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April 13, 2010
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
Best stretch of this road is from Harvard to Emida. The road is literally cut right out of the forest. There are stretches here where there is nothing but 100 foot plus pines and firs lining the road. Enjoy.
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