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Written Directions

Start in Greer, ID, and head east on Route 11 eventually turning north and ending at Headquarters.


This is a beautiful drive through the wilderness where sightings of bear, cougar, coyote, wolf, deer, pheasant, grouse and turkey are common so bring a camera. You'll pass out of heavier woodlands through farmland and into the valleys and mountains of Idaho's Gold Country. The distance is short but the winding road makes for an extended trip and there's very little traffic so it's important that riders are prepared with full fuel tanks, an emergency kit and water if it's hot out. This drive is definitely seasonal and even as late as May or June, riders should check weather conditions for snow and ice, but the scenery is well worth the preparation. Along the route: Wildlife viewing, Weippe Discovery Center, Gold Rush Historical Panel Kiosk, Shoshone County Courthouse of 1862, John Howard Bradbury Logging Museum and Historical Highway Markers for Chinese Hanging Tree, Canal Gulch and original site of Oro Fino.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is roughly paved but requires caution due to potholes and crevices that result from harsh winter weather. Out of Greer, the roadway is full of tight, winding curves through the Grade. Once on top of the grade, the road opens up on to an extended flat that lets you open up the bike and relax a little. Heading down into Pierce, the road returns to a winding collection of tighter curves. Nearer to Headquarters, the road is better maintained with wide, sweepy curves that offer no banking.

Tourism Opportunities

Fuel is available along the way and restaurants or cafes can be found in each community. The burgers at Pierce's Timber Inn were voted Best In The Northwest.

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To learn more about the MANY travel and recreation activities in North Central Idaho check out the North Central Idaho Travel Association website For current Idaho road conditions check out Idaho Transportation Department Road Conditions

No reviews added for this route. Write a review