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Written Directions

From Grangeville simply take US Highway 95 northwest up to Winchester.


Leaving Grangeville, you immediately find yourself in the middle of wide open farm fields that stretch for miles in every direction until they fade into the surrounding forested mountains. Toward Cottonwood and Ferdinand, you enter partially forested foothills that lead to the closed in, fully forested cliffs of Winchester Hill. From May through September, you'll know what's growing in the fields - onion, rape, barley, wheat, potatoes, alfalfa and corn all leave their scent on the crisp clean air as you pass. During summer months, you'll find there's an average 10 degree drop in temperature from the surrounding area so this is a nice getaway from warmer roadways. Along the route: Camas Prairie (Camas will be in bloom late May through mid-June), Nez Perce War and Lewis & Clark Historical Markers, Dog Bark Park, St. Gertrude's Monastery, Historical Museum at St. Gertrude's Monastery, Ilo/Vollmer Historical Society, Winchester Museum of History, Wolf Education Research Center; Near the route: Lawyer's Canyon, Camas Prairie Railroad trestles.

Drive Enjoyment

The road is well maintained with excellent pavement. Starting on an open straightaway with long, sweeping curves, the ride is typically a bit windy so use a some caution when riding near larger vehicles and the semi-trucks that frequent the roadway. Heading toward Cottonwood and Ferdinand, the road breaks into s-curves on an easy grade. Climbing higher, there are some beautifully banked curves for riders to enjoy on Winchester Hill.

Tourism Opportunities

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations in each community along the way for fuel. Several dining options in Grangeville, one each in both Craigmont and Winchester; Palenque in Grangeville is a local favorite for Mexican food.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

To learn more about the MANY travel and recreation activities in North Central Idaho check out the North Central Idaho Travel Association website For current Idaho road conditions check out Idaho Transportation Department Road Conditions

No reviews added for this route. Write a review