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By Kyle82 (13 McR Points) on Nov 24, 2016

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July 2, 2018
From Des Moines to Branson the scenery is an…

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I took exit 15 off I25 then went east to a T intersection took a left and headed off towards Kim. 74 miles till next gas stop in Des Moines, NM. Turn south on Highway 389 towards Branson, CO. It was a quiet road the day I was out. Mountain scenery off to the west when on this road. When you cross the state line turns into NM 551. Here road conditions become somewhat rough, potholes. Scenery makes up for the road conditions, drops down into a canyon. When you get to Highway 456 take a right and head towards Folsom, NM if you have a cruiser, (now if you don't mind 17 miles of gravel head east toward Kenton, OK, been told it's beautiful.) When you get into Folsom Highway 325 will take you to Des Moines.


Heading east out of Trinidad flat with the occasional curve. Art and beer is available at the turn to go to Branson, after this turn stop and enjoy the mountain scenery back to the west. When you cross into New Mexico stop and check out the Toll Gate Canyon signage and enjoy the curves and the views of the canyon.

Drive Enjoyment

Colorado roads are in excellent condition. New Mexico roads lack some upkeep so be aware when you cross that state line.

Tourism Opportunities

This is basically a road for point A to point B. There's a road side bench in NM when you enter the canyon. Otherwise your in ranch land country.

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July 2, 2018
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
From Des Moines to Branson the scenery is an interesting mix of mesas' and canyonlands. The ride into Trinidad is not to bad with the Mesas of NM to the south and the Rockies of Colorado to the west getting closer and closer. Beats the hell out of I-25 and US 64.
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