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By jfamend (640 McR Points) on Nov 19, 2020

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November 23, 2020
You are really in the wilderness on this route.…

Written Directions

You pick up the Cassiar Highway, BC Rt. 37 in Dease Lake and head north to the Alaska Highway. It is an easy route to follow.


This route is northern wilderness at its best. It starts off following the shore of Dease Lake. After that it follows a river valley interspersed with several lakes with mountains rising up on both sides. North of Boya Lake Park the road flattens out and follows the Dease River Valley north to the Yukon and the Alaska Highway. There is abundant wildlife along this route. Several Bears were right on the edge of the road, so close you see the flys buzzing around them. Saw so many Bears it almost became "oh, another Bear" almost.

Drive Enjoyment

This route has it's challenges. It is narrower than most highways and has no center stripe in many portions. The road has a mix of sweepers and some tighter turns up to Boya Lake. The curves are not always signed so you have to pay attention to your approach. After that it straightens out up to the Alaska Highway. It is hilly in spots especially around Good Hope Lake. There are gravel breaks and some repair areas where road is down to dirt which was always watered down so caution is required. Traffic is light up there.

Tourism Opportunities

This is not a touristy ride. You ride this route for the road and the wilderness. That said there is abundant wildlife to see and numerous roadside pulloffs to take a break at. Dease Lake has lodging , food and gas. There is no gas all the way up to the Alaska Highway after Dease Lake. Jade City with its Jade Store is a nice place to stop. There is all things Jade there.

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November 23, 2020
640 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
You are really in the wilderness on this route. The pavement can be a little rough in spots but it's very doable. There is abundant wildlife to be seen. The scenery is aweome. The Jade Store is an interesting stop.
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