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By Blesk (15 McR Points) on Jan 20, 2012

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Written Directions

Once you arrive to Chitina via State Highway 10, continue through town on Edgeton Highway. It will soon turn into a dirt road. Continue past visitor center all the way to "pedestrian" bridge to McCarthy. Last I was here motorcycles were still allowed in McCarthy, so just ride across the pedestrian bridge. There is a couple of hostels and restaurants in town. The Kennicott mine is located another 4 miles north of McCarthy.


The route is quite nice when you can look up from the dirt road to appreciate the scenery, but the real prize on this trip is the visit to Kennicott mines at the end. If possible, spend a night in McCarthy and take a tour of the historic Kennicott mines and take a hike to and on the Kennicott glacier.

Drive Enjoyment

Some sections are better than others, but it is an Alaskan dirt road.

Tourism Opportunities

Non-existent. Last gas station is in Chitina, so make sure you can cover a 125 mile round trip without refueling. There are a couple or restaurant/bars and hotels in McCarthy. There is also a lodge at Kennicott mine.

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The road and the town of McCarthy is closed during winters.

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