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By gypsygirl (22 McR Points) on Aug 05, 2015

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From Anchorage take 1 South to 9 South which ends in Seward.


The first turn we took out of Anchorage revealed mountain scenery that brought tears to my eyes. Pictures do not do this ride justice. We saw a wildlife preserve, we saw many ice capped and glacier capped mountains that looked blue to the eye! There are certain areas in which motorcycles should use caution and be aware that signs saying intermittent gravel don't accurately define intermittent. There can be several miles of large river rock type gravel. Ending in Seward, the town who's elevation was changed by an earthquake on Easter Sunday you have gorgeous views of Resurrection Bay, numerous lodging and food options, and access to many glacier cruises. Well worth the ride.

Drive Enjoyment

It was a curving nice road, there was good signage to warn motorcyclists of any impending dangers. Be vigilant on intermittent gravel and be aware that moose and bear do tend to cross the road from time to time.

Tourism Opportunities

Part of the route followed the Alaska railroad which is available for tours. There are many glacier viewing opportunities, a wildlife preserve, and adequate places for food and fuel. Much more populated than the Denali to Fairbanks route.

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I have great pictures if you want them.

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