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Have you ever asked the question:  Where are the best motorcycle rides near me in Colorado (CO)? 

Whether you are simply looking for new motorcycle rides & roads in Colorado to try or if you are focused on trying to find only the best motorcycle rides in Colorado, learning of all your motorcycle road options can be more difficult than you may realize.  Even those riders with many years of experience driving motorcycles in the The Centennial State can find a great motorcycle ride that they had driven near or past a million times with out ever thinking to try it. Or, these same riders may just happen to talk to another motorcycle rider and learn about some nearby great motorcycle roads in an area that they’ve never thought to check out.  So, (McR) has put together this short little guide aimed at helping you better answer the question - What are my best options for motorcycle rides near me in Colorado?”  


*Rankings for Colorado motorcycle rides were accurate at the time this guide was published/updated in Feb of 2020 (for more information, see Note 1 at the bottom of this article).  Additionally, McR uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate motorcycle ride popularity (for more information, see see Note 2 also at at the bottom of this article). 


US Motorcycle Riding Hotspots

After 20+ years of collecting data on 1,000s of great US motorcycle roads & rides, motorcycle rider reviews and ratings of those motorcycle roads, along with thousands of photos and videos, it has become clear that some regions of the USA are simply motorcycle riding Hotspots.  The nice thing is that these hostspots are essentially in every region of the USA so there is bound to be one relatively close to just about any motorcycle riders in the USA.  I've created a map below that gives you an idea of where these hotspots are located around the country and you Colorado motorcycle riders will be happy to know (and probably not surprised) that we are home to one of them - the Colorado Rockies.  I've provided a guide to this and other hotspots and so if you are interested, check out the Motorcycle Rides Near Me guide which goes overall all four of the hotspots I've showcased.  

US motorcycle riding hotspots



Iconic US Motorcycle Rides

Now if you are interested in not just hotspots but the USA's hottest individual motorcycle rides that are generally considered to be the very best motorcycle roads in the entire USA, then I need to tell you about the motorcycle rides that have reached iconic status. And, fortunately for you, one of these iconic motorcycle rides is located in your state of Colorado!  Overall, these are rides that all die hard motorcycling riding enthusiasts should add to his/her motorcycle riding bucket list.  The short list of these premium motorcycle rides in the USA are as follows:


  tail of the dragon photo

The Dragon – This is a route that starts at the North Carolina and Tennessee border and goes north from there for 11-miles into Tennessee.  This motorcycle ride goes by many names such as The Dragon, the Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap, and/or the Dragon’s Tail.  Call it what you want, but this is most likely the most famous motorcycle road in the entire world … yes, world.  It is known for its collection of incredible curves compressed into a short stretch of 11-miles ... 318 curves in those mere 11-miles.   


  blue ridge parkway photo

The Blue Ridge Parkway – like The Tail of the Dragon discussed above, the next iconic motorcycle ride is also world famous yet this is anything but a short ride as it covers a whopping 469-miles!  This route is covers large portions of both Virginia and North Carolina and has been enchanting both motorcycle riders and car drivers for decades.


  three sisters motorcycle ride texas

Three Sisters – the next iconic motorcycle ride takes us down way down south & “deep in the heart of Texas” with a motorcycle ride that also goes by a few different names (Ranch Roads 335, 336,337a, or “The Twisted Sisters,” or simply “The Three Sisters”) and is positioned in an area known as Texas Hill country just northwest of San Antonio, Texas.  The ride has a cult following of riders and like the other iconic rides, draws motorcycle riders in from not just the USA but all parts of the world. 


  pch motorcycle ride

Hwy 1 - Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) – Beyond a doubt, the most iconic motorcycle ride in the west is the Pacific Coast Highway and is also one of the most famous scenic drive in all of the world.  This quintessential road trip up (or down) the California coast became popular when it was glamorized by a variety of movies and TV shows and has only grown in popularity over time.  It offers gentle curves and breathtaking scenery as well as world class amenities along the coast and in the cities/towns that grace its path.  


  tunnel of trees motorcycle ride michigan

If you’re looking for a iconic motorcycle ride in the Midwest, The Tunnel of Trees Road is like the PCH of the Midwest and like PCH (described above), this route is also a “shore hugger.”  It offers riders great lake shore scenery off to the west with a canopy of green foliage from above.  The ride is a favorite among Midwestern motorcycle riders and is particularly captivating in the fall when the autumn colors mesmerize riders as the ride beneath a canopy of golds, oranges, and scarlet reds.  


  beartooth motorcycle ride montana wyoming

The last iconic American motorcycle ride on our list is the most extreme in many aspects as it is located in a sparsely populated area in northern Wyoming and crossing over into an equally sparsely populated area of Southern Montana and is referred to as Beartooth Pass .  The route is extreme for the fact that for the sheer mountain cliffs and switchbacks as well as the fact that it can throw snow & ice into the mix as late as July.  It not only offers riders unrivaled mountain scenery but also has the added bonus of putting riders within a short drive to the quintessential US National Park - Yellowstone.   





So far we have told you about Colorado's nearest motorcycle riding hotspot as well as some iconic US motorcycle roads that are spread out around the USA. Yet if you are not up for the travel and simply want to find the answer to the question - "Where are motorcycle rides near me in Colorado?", then read on as I describe 5 of the very best motorcycle rides in Colorado below.  Each of these rides has been a top ranked motorcycle ride in Colorado for years as our McR ranking algorithm (see note 2 below) doesn't let a newly added ride simply jet right up to the top of the list of motorcycle roads but instead factors in the route's popularity over time by looking at many different factors that indicate a motorcycle road's popularity (e.g., page views for that motorcycle road, the number of motorcycle riders following that route, the number of times that route has been saved to riders' To Ride list, the number of times that motorcycle ride has been saved to a riders' Rode It list, the number of motorcycle ride photos or videos that have been uploaded to that page, etc, etc.).  Keep in mind however, that even though we use a somewhat complex rating algorithm to keep 'undeserving routes' from erratically rising to the top, certainly the ratings can & do change over time and so the list you see below of the best motorcycle rides in Colorado was current at the time of the publication of this guide to the best motorcycle rides near me - Colorado (date of last update is found at the top of this guide in the "note" section). Currently there are 43 Colorado motorcycle roads registered on McR and some of those are ranked not only in the Top 100 Motorcycle Rides in the USA but also has one of it's roads ranked among the best motorcycle rides in the Midwest and ranked as one of the top motorcycle rides in the entire USA (i.e., the Tunnel of Trees Road)


The Top-5 Best Motorcycle Rides in Colorado: 


san juan mountain sky way colorado motorcycle ride

  1. San Juan Mountain Skyway

The section between Ouray and Silverton on this Colorado is the famed “Million Dollar Highway”. The ride begins on Route 62 in Ridgeway and ends in Telluride. You stretch your legs there for a bit, fill up and continue to Placerville and head back to Ridgeway to complete a 225-mile loop. It goes through the best parts of Rocky Mountains in Southwestern Colorado, which only means one thing – keep your cameras ready! It has several hairpin curves and switch backs as you ride at 10,000 feet on the Alpine route. Snow stays here for long, so plan a trip in July-August.


walden loop colorado motorcycle rides near me

  1. The Walden Loop (Courtesy Of Greeley HD&Yamaha)

It is an absolutely breathtaking route across the Continental Divide. Twice! Through Poudre Canyon, along the Poudre River and past many mountain lakes, this road with least traffic gives you ample opportunity to enjoy a peaceful ride as well as stop often to soak in the views. You could make it an all-day trip or extend it to two days (which is better according to riders). There are a few rough areas, but the ride is mostly smooth. Lodging is available in Ft. Collins, Estes Park and Granby. You could stay at the historic Stanley Hotel where ‘The Shining’ was filmed!


longs peak colorado motorcycle roads near me

  1. Peak To Peak Highway

You can start this Colorado motorcycle ride at Highway 6 in Golden, Highway 72 in Clear Creek Canyon, Left Hand Canyon in Boulder, or even Highway 7 out of Lyons. Travel west on any of these to connect with Peak to Peak. The ride eventually ends in Estes Park at the foot of Rocky Mountain National Park and Trail Ridge Road. Needless to say, it offers some of the most spectacular views in the area with several stops to view and click. Time the trip right to witness the 4th of July parade in the town of Ward.


Unaweep colorado motorcycle rides near me

  1. Unaweep Tabeguache Scenic Road - CO 141

This is a Colorado motorcycle ride with light traffic, decent roads and lots of high speed sweepers. The breathtaking vistas, the blue skies contrasting the surreal red of the rocks and the twisty ride makes it worth your while. About a third into the ride, you would see a nice resort at Gateway with a restaurant, a store, high end accommodation and an Auto Museum. Fill up on gas and bring water for the rest of the ride in the desert country with no cell reception. Watch out for cattle on the road.


Past the black canyon - colorado motorcycle rides near me

  1. The Black Canyon Run

The last among the best 5 Colorado motorcycle routes starts at Sapinero and goes into Curecanti National Recreation Area and goes up to Crawford. It takes you from scrub deserts to aspen groves with the Black Canyon down below. The Blue Mesa Reservoir is right at the beginning. The ride continues along mountain sides and in and out of canyons for miles. Camera is a must for this ride! You can find gas, food and lodging at Gunnison and Crawford.

Lastly, keep in mind that that Colorado is not only a coveted motorcyclist destination but it has an abundance of breathtaking natural spots as well as an array of amenities for its tourists.  So aside from the best Colorado motorcycle roads list above, you can always put together a great motorcycle outing in Colorado by simply combining any of the great motorcycle roads in CO listed on McR with the many, many great destinations in the Centennial state.  Some of these great destinations are described below for your reference:

  • The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is nothing short of a raw beauty! From opera singers to rock bands, the rock formations provide the ideal acoustics for live performances. It is known to have been used by the Ute tribe back in the day. Time your visit to attend a live concert to really experience the magic of one of the most picturesque venues ever.
  • Strawberry Parks Hot Springs are the best hot tubs nature can offer! It lets you unwind in a wild setting free of the city’s hustle-bustle. Other than exploring the springs, one can also have a day picnic, go cycling or hiking to look at some gorgeous rock formations.
  • The Colorado Trail, a 500-mile span, covers some of the best hiking destinations in the state. The Rocky Mountains are among the 8 ranges here. The Coney Summit brings you 13,334 ft above sea level. The several lakes, creeks, old mining towns and ancient Indian trails can also be explored on horsebacks or bicycles. You can also stop by a ski resort.
  • Vail offers the best winter entertainment with some of the best ski resorts in the state. The base of the mountains has postcard-like picturesque views and some shops, chalet-style restaurants, fine dining and luxury hotels in the heart of the Alps.
  • The Garden of Gods is a designated Natural Landmarks in Colorado Springs that has some great sandstone formations that merge with the Great Plain Grasslands, woodlands and mountain forests. It has a visitor center that helps you learn more about the history and geography of the park. Head out to some overlooks to catch some great panoramic views.
  • The Rocky Mountain National Park in north-central Colorado houses a World Biosphere Reserve by the United Nations at the headwaters of the Colorado River. The mountainous terrain offers a range of wildlife and scenic beauty. You could visit for a short hike or camp out for longer treks.
  • The highlight of the Pike National Forest, west of Colorado Springs, is undoubtedly the 14,115 feet snow-capped Pikes Peak. One can drive or take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway here for an unparalleled scenic trip. The top offers some hiking trails, mountain biking, fishing and a range of other recreational opportunities.
  • The Great Sand Dunes National Park creates some beautiful vistas of large stretches of desert-like sand against a backdrop of the lush Rocky Mountains. Around the dunes, some exploring can lead you through forests and wetlands to some Alpine lakes for some trout fishing.
  • The Mesa Verde National Park is a gorgeous designated World Heritage Site in southwest Colorado. It preserves the ancient Puebloan cliff dwellings, the first of which is estimated to have been built in 650 AD. The area has been inhibited by nomadic tribes since 7500 BC. Today, it offers an archaeological museum that helps understand the Native Americans and roads with excellent canyon overlooks.


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Note 1:  All facts and figures below were gathered during early Jan 2019 and will change over time as new motorcycle roads are added to the collection. 
Note 2:  How were these popularity ratings calculated? 
A motorcycle road’s popularity can be based on a wide variety of factors.  Our analysis considered some obvious indicators of motorcycle road popularity such each roads’ “Rider Rating” scores (star ratings) and which motorcycle road description pages were visited the most.  But, the analysis dug deeper and looked at some less obvious yet valuable indicators of a motorcycle road’s popularity such as how often a given motorcycle road was added to riders’ “To Ride” lists, how often a given motorcycle road was added to riders’ “Rode it” lists and enthusiasm indicators such how often photos and/or videos were uploaded for a given road and which roads are attracting the most buzz among motorcycle roads indicated by those roads that are receiving the most number of new/recent comments.  For the sake of being consistent and as objective as possible we use a popularity algorithm that “crunches those number” and allows us to develop a ranking of the popularity of each of the motorcycle roads used as a basis for this guide.



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