How Popular is Motorcycling in Your State?

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Putting it bluntly, motorcycling is more popular in some states than in others yet there is no obvious or easy “mathematical formula” to calculate this.  And, if I simply took a poll, you would only be seeing different riders’ opinions and/or the results could simply be overwhelmed by states with the most riders weighing-in.  So, I wanted to see if there were objective measurements out there that would help give us a good idea as to the levels of enthusiasm for motorcycling in each of the US states and how each of the states compare to each other within these different objective measurements.  So, in the end, what I’ve done is put together a report that attempt to address a very subjective topic with some pretty objective indicators.  This way, I’m letting the number speak for themselves and hopefully allow you to come to some interesting findings that relate to a passion you & I share – motorcycling! 

So, jump on the back seat and come along as I take you for a ride past some interesting motorcycle riding topics such as the levels of motorcycling investment in each state, take a look at how endowed a given state’s scenery/roads/tourism is for creating a vibrant motorcycling riding environment, and, finally, a look at what is happening in each of the states in terms of levels of motorcycle rider related activity


One solid indicator of how much interest there is in motorcycling, in each state, is how many Americans are spending their hard-earned dollars on purchasing & registering motorcycles.  Below are some data points that show state by state comparisons of this “motorcycling investment” factor:


high motorcycle density in montana and low density in mississippi


Riders buy motorcycles to ride!  And great motorcycle roads make those rides all the more enjoyable.  So which states out there offer the most & the best motorcycle roads and thereby have the most inspiring motorcycling environment?


*Note: The "Hardest chargers" are states with the greatest growth in terms of the number of motorcycle rides registered on  Those states are both California and North Carolina which both saw a 17% increase since our last reporting period in 2018.  Coming in 3rd was the state of Texas which saw a 10% growth rate, then Pennsylvania at an 8% growth rate, and finally Ohio which had a 7% growth rate in new registered motorcycle rides!  If you feel a state you are passionate about should have made the list, you can help that state by registering one or more of your favorite motorcycle roads on   


honorable-mention motorcycle rides


When riders aren’t out on the open road, what are some motorcycling activities they might take part in; rallies, organized rides for charity, poker runs, attend bike shows, motorcycle races, & motorcycle swap meets.  So, to get a measurement of motorcycling activity in each state, I looked back at all the motorcycle events posted on a typical year.  Additionally, I looked at the number of motorcycle clubs registered per state on McR to guage enthusiasm for motorcycling.  Below is what the data showed:


motorcycle events & clubs


Data Sources: 

-US motorcycle registration data came from the US DOT (2016)
-US population data came from Wikipedia’s list of U.S. states and territories by population (2017)
-Motorcycle Road, Event & Club data pulled from (2018-2019)


As always, I hope to provide you with insightful & valuable motorcycle riding community information to help you get the most out of all of your motorcycling experiences.

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