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  SKIDMARKS MC is a wrenching/riding group for motorcyclists that was formed with the eventual goal of becoming a sizable collective. We offer group riding as well as longer tours, camaraderie, and will be putting together a community garage stocked with tools, tire changing equipment and the like. (There may even be room for a card table or two, and a fridge stocked with beer!) It's nice to have a friends you can depend on for help when you run into trouble on the road. Our group rides and tours are a bit different from other offerings you may have seen. The pace can be spirited, and we want everybody to be free to go as fast as they wish - to have fun, or as slow as they need - to be safe. We ALWAYS wait at road changes along our itinerary, rather than riding in formation, and our custom GPS routes are as good as they get. Our motto is... "We don't care what you ride, only how you ride."

  Philadelphia, PA, United States

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