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  OLD DOGS BROTHERHOODRULES Members Application Friends OldDog1369@Yahoo.com We Our Old School Bikers & My idea of The Old Dogs Brotherhood & it's been a simple Nothing but Brotherhood, it Orginially was only going to be in a 1 or 2 state area, but I've been getting e-mail from all over the world. Now that I'm getting up there ,we like taking rides with friends & by ourselves, but when you're going a distance it 's nice to know that there's a Brother out there you can Count On, if you have a Bike Shop we support it, if you have a campground we stop. To open your own chapter you have to have 5 active members that yes has to own a bike, 600cc's or more, the idea is that we have a chain & each chapter is part of it. We are not a motorcycle club because that term is used too loosely any more & everybody out there that owns a bike thinks they're bikers, I've had my fill of them, last May when I was on a run with a military support club they call themselves brothers, but they don't stop if anybody breaks down, we are a riding club. If you're interested or got more questions E olddog1369@yahoo.com new club with old ideas, we're old school meaning this is for bikers If you rode in the 50's to the 90s & you're looking for a group to ride with, we might be it. We call ourselves the Old Dogs, because we don't learn new tricks. I don't care if you were 1% or 99% & if you are looking for a group of bikers to ride with , We don't care what make Just Ride it. Little Richard we're just an old school club with old school ideas

  P.O.box 341 Blakeslee,pa. 18610 United States

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