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Have you ever asked the question:  Where are the best motorcycle rides near me in Florida (FL)? 

Whether you are simply looking for some new motorcycle rides & roads in Florida you have never been on or if you are really focused on trying to find the very best motorcycle rides in Florida, finding out all your motorcycle road choices and options can be more challenging than you realize.  Even for motorcycle riders with many years of riding experience driving motorcycles in The Sunshine State can find an incredible motorcycle ride that they had driven near or past for years without ever thinking to give it a try.  Or, these same riders may just happen to talk to another motorcycle rider and learn about some nearby great motorcycle roads in an area that they’ve never thought to check out.  So, (McR) has put together this short little guide aimed at helping you better answer the question - What are my best options for motorcycle rides near me in Florida?”  

*Rankings for Florida motorcycle rides were accurate at the time this guide was published/updated in Feb of 2020 (for more information, see Note 1 at the bottom of this article).  Additionally, McR uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate motorcycle ride popularity (for more information, see see Note 2 also at at the bottom of this article). 

Closest US Motorcycle Riding Hotspot to Florida

First, I need to tell you about some motorcycle riding HOTSPOTS across the United States.  After 20+ years of collecting data on approximately 2000 US motorcycle roads & rides, motorcycle rider reviews and ratings of those motorcycle roads, along with countless photos and videos, it has become clear that some regions of the United States have become motorcycle riding hotspots.  As you'll learn, these motorcycle riding hotspots are found in different parts of the country; in areas that are well known to offer amazing scenery and in some areas that don't have such a strong reputation.  There are a variety of reasons that motorcycle riders gravitate to certain parts of the country and every rider has their own preferences, so an area that may not be anything special to one rider, may be an absolute paradise for another rider.  For whatever the reasons are, each of these hotspots act like “magnets for motorcycling” and are depicted in the map image below.

US motorcycle riding hotspots

Nearest Motorcycle Riding Hotspot for Florida Motorcycle Riders: The Blue Ridge Box

blue ridge box motorcycle riding hotspot

As hotspots go, this one really stands out for having some of the highest quality and most popular motorcycle roads in the entire USA.  The Blue Ridge Box is an approximate 50x50 mile “box” located at the southern end of the Blue Ridge mountains and including portions of SE Tennessee, SW North Carolina, NE Georgia, and NW South Carolina.  This concentrated collection of spectacular motorcycle rides is home to a motorcycle ride that has been named a top motorcycle ride in the USA as long as the site has been running: The Tail of the Dragon (AKA Deal’s Gap).  The Tail of the Dragon draws enough attention and motorcycle riders from around the world that it alone could arguably represent a motorcycle riding hotspot in and of itself; yet the Blue Ridge Box contains many, many more top motorcycle roads including the following:


Iconic US Motorcycle Rides

Now if you are interested in not just in motorcycle riding hotspots in the USA but instead the hottest/most-popular individual motorcycle rides across the entire country, then you need to be introduced to some motorcycle rides that have reached iconic status. Fortunately for Florida motorcycle riders, a few of these are just a few states away.  These are the kinds of motorcycle rides that all true motorcycling riding enthusiasts should add to his/her motorcycle riding bucket list.  The short list of these iconic motorcycle rides in the USA are as follows:

  tail of the dragon photo

The Dragon – As mentioned above in the Blue Ridge Box discussion, this route starts at the North Carolina and Tennessee border, heads north into Tennessee, and goes by many different names such as: The Dragon, the Tail of the Dragon, Deal’s Gap, and/or the Dragon’s Tail.  Call it what you want, but this is probably the most famous motorcycle road in the entire world … yes, world.  It is known for its collection of incredible curves compressed into a short stretch of 11-miles ... 318 curves in those mere 11-miles.   


  blue ridge parkway photo

The Blue Ridge Parkway – like The Tail of the Dragon discussed above, the next iconic motorcycle ride is also world famous yet this is anything but a short ride as it covers a whopping 469-miles!  This route is covers large portions of both Virginia and North Carolina and has been enchanting both motorcycle riders and car drivers for decades.


  three sisters motorcycle ride texas

Three Sisters – the next iconic motorcycle ride takes us down way down south & “deep in the heart of Texas” with a motorcycle ride that also goes by a few different names (Ranch Roads 335, 336,337a, or “The Twisted Sisters,” or simply “The Three Sisters”) and is positioned in an area known as Texas Hill country just northwest of San Antonio, Texas.  The ride has a cult following of riders and like the other iconic rides, draws motorcycle riders in from not just the USA but all parts of the world. 


  pch motorcycle ride

Hwy 1 - Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) – Beyond a doubt, the most iconic motorcycle ride in the west is the Pacific Coast Highway and is also one of the most famous scenic drive in all of the world.  This quintessential road trip up (or down) the California coast became popular when it was glamorized by a variety of movies and TV shows and has only grown in popularity over time.  It offers gentle curves and breathtaking scenery as well as world class amenities along the coast and in the cities/towns that grace its path.  


  tunnel of trees motorcycle ride michigan

If you’re looking for a iconic motorcycle ride in the Midwest, The Tunnel of Trees Road is like the PCH of the Midwest and like PCH (described above), this route is also a “shore hugger.”  It offers riders great lake shore scenery off to the west with a canopy of green foliage from above.  The ride is a favorite among Midwestern motorcycle riders and is particularly captivating in the fall when the autumn colors mesmerize riders as the ride beneath a canopy of golds, oranges, and scarlet reds.  


  beartooth motorcycle ride montana wyoming

The last iconic American motorcycle ride on our list is the most extreme in many aspects as it is located in a sparsely populated area in northern Wyoming and crossing over into an equally sparsely populated area of Southern Montana and is referred to as Beartooth Pass .  The route is extreme for the fact that for the sheer mountain cliffs and switchbacks as well as the fact that it can throw snow & ice into the mix as late as July.  It not only offers riders unrivaled mountain scenery but also has the added bonus of putting riders within a short drive to the quintessential US National Park - Yellowstone.   





Motorcycle Riding in the state of Florida  

So far we have told you about Florida's nearest motorcycle riding hotspot, the Blue Ridge Box, as well as some iconic US motorcycle roads that are spread out around the USA.  But if you simply want to know what the best motorcycle rides near you in Florida are, then read on as I describe 5 of the very best motorcycle rides in Florida below. Currently there are 46 Florida motorcycle roads registered on McR which puts the state slightly above the national average of about 35 registered motorcycle roads per state.  And, Florida also has a handful of these routes found within the coveted Top 100 Motorcycle Rides in the USA

Below we highlight 5 of the best motorcycle rides in Florida but for the complete listing check out all registered Florida motorcycle rides.

The Top-5 Best Motorcycle Rides in Florida: 


Ozello Trail Ride florida motorcycle ride.jpg

  1. The Ozello Trail Ride

Also known as State Route 494, the top motorcycle ride of Florida is in Cutlers, a town just north of Homosassa Springs. The hidden route is a great Gulf Coast ride with lots of water and twisties; even some nice bridges. You can stop at Pecks Port Cove, towards the end of the ride, for lunch. The area is just 60 miles north of Tampa. It’s a great idea to take your camera along and make stops at some water fronts.


florida motorcycle ride to key west.jpg

  1. Naples To Key West

This beautiful Florida motorcycle ride begins in Naples. You could start at 41 or take 997 south if you plan to completely avoid the Miami traffic. Get on Route 1 to head to Key West. It’s a warm road through scenic views where you see plenty of wildlife. When throttling along the twisties on the Tamiami Trail look out for snakes, gators and turtles. It’s mostly a peaceful, secluded ride, until you get to Key West where it gets crowded. The trip from Key Largo to Key West is worth it,because you’re surrounded by water – Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Gulf of Mexico on the other! Be sure to gas up when you begin.


florida sr13 motorcycle ride.jpg

  1. Scenic SR-13 (Just South Of Jacksonville)

This sweet 38-mile motorcycle ride starts off SR-207 of you’re coming from south or from I-295 to SR-13 exit in Jacksonville. The busy 6-lane highway narrows down to 4 at Duval-St Johns county line and becomes a 2-lane country road. It takes you along the St Johns River where the road is shaded by Oaks and other trees. The nicely paved road makes for a few twisties along the river. There are a couple of restaurants and local stores along the road. You could stop at community parks the dot the landscape to stretch for a bit.


Sugarloaf Mountain Ride florida motorcycle ride.jpg

  1. The Sugarloaf Mountain Ride

The route stretches between Apopka and Winter Garden, FL. It’s a favorite among the riders of central Florida. Sugarloaf Mountains offer a dramatic change of landscape, the hilly inclines and tight corners being a welcome change from the flat terrain of Florida. Away from the city’s traffic, motorcycle riders exchange friendly waves as strangers ride alongside each other, says the author. The real ride begins at Old Country Road 561, west of Lake Apopka. Old Country Road 455 makes a nice loop around the mountain. The highlight is undoubtedly the view from atop with Orlando’s skyline in the distant horizon.


  1. The Daytona Loop

The wetlands, the breath taking tree-filled roads, rivers, swamps, marshlands – it’s the loop in Florida! Beginning at the foot of the Granada Bridge on John Anderson Drive in Ormond Beach, head north up to Highbridge Road and go on to the Intercoastals Waterway. Winding turns lead you to Walter Boardman road and z left leads to the Old Dixie Highway, from where you can make a left to head back. Particularly the section along the tributaries of Tomoka River is most enjoyable. Stop at some beach restaurants and fill gas up at Daytona. There is more along A1A but nothing along the rest of the ride. You could also hit the White Eagle Lounge, a biker bar along Old Kings Road.

Aside from the many great Florida motorcycle rides we've described above, you can always put together a great motorcycle trip (a day trip, weekend get-away, or a small vaca) by simply combining any of the great Florida motorcycle roads listed on McR and work them in with one or more of the many great destinations in the Sunshine State.  Overall, the dotted with several beaches and port towns, the Sunshine State is home to so many scenic relaxing resorts, serene beaches, museums, grand casinos and more.

  • Orlando has some world-renowned theme parks such as the Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld, Valcano Bay and Typhoon Lagoon among others. It also caters to chic shoppers, spa goers and science enthusiast. The Kennedy Space Center and the Orlando Science Center are some other attractions in the vicinity.
  • Miami is the go-to hip-city! It has a laid-back atmosphere and thriving beaches with trendy pedestrian shopping malls, fancy outdoor restaurants and an array of entertainment, all on the waterfront. Tourists can also explore the Carribean-influenced ethnic neighborhoods and African-American soul food varieties here.
  • The Salvador Dali Museum is a one-of-its-kind place. This St. Petersburg museum has a curving glass that envelops that box-like building which takes you through a complete overview of Dali’s career as an artist.
  • The Busch Gardens in Tampa is a must go for animal lovers.  One of the largest zoos in North America, it houses exotic wildlife, mostly from the deep jungles of Africa. It offers safari-style rides as animals roam about freely, unique animal shows and some thrilling dry and wet rides.
  • The Everglades National Park with 1.5 million acres of marsh swamps conserves a fragile ecosystem of alligators, crocodiles, panthers, deer, egrets, manatees, river otters and more. It is one of the largest parks of the country, made entirely of a shallow river which creates Southern Florida’s main water reservoir.
  • Dry Tortugas National Park, located 70 miles west of Key West, houses Fort Jefferson built in the 1800s. It also offers seven breathtaking reef islands, beaches, breakfast and lunch avenues. It can be a nice full day affair.
  • The Fort King National Historic Park was a US Military front near what is now Ocala. Built in 1827, the fort originally served as a buffer between the settlers and the tribal Seminole. It gained importance during the Seminole Wars in the 1830s. Later, it was turned into a courthouse for Marion County till it was abandoned and taken apart by locals. It was reconstructed in 2017 to near historic accuracy.
  • The Dade Battlefield Historic State Park marks the grounds of battle between the tribal Seminole warriors and the soldiers under the command of Francis L. Dade in 1835. The park reenacts the battle the weekend after Christmas every year.
  • The Florida Caverns State Park, in the Florida Panhandle, showcases limestone caves, stalagmites, stalactites and flow-stones formed by erosion. Neighboring it is a golf course constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps.




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Note 1:  All facts and figures were gathered during early Jan 2019 and will change over time as new motorcycle roads are added to the collection. 
Note 2:  How were these popularity ratings calculated? 
A motorcycle road’s popularity can be based on a wide variety of factors.  Our analysis considered some obvious indicators of motorcycle road popularity such each roads’ “Rider Rating” scores (star ratings) and which motorcycle road description pages were visited the most.  But, the analysis dug deeper and looked at some less obvious yet valuable indicators of a motorcycle road’s popularity such as how often a given motorcycle road was added to riders’ “To Ride” lists, how often a given motorcycle road was added to riders’ “Rode it” lists and enthusiasm indicators such how often photos and/or videos were uploaded for a given road and which roads are attracting the most buzz among motorcycle roads indicated by those roads that are receiving the most number of new/recent comments.  For the sake of being consistent and as objective as possible we use a popularity algorithm that “crunches those number” and allows us to develop a ranking of the popularity of each of the motorcycle roads used as a basis for this guide.



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