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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jul 25, 2013

Creator : Mike
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No disrespect to Texas- but after reading all the "breath -taking" reviews about the 3 sisters, i had to chime in. We spent a week riding the area and had a GREAT time. The people were the best. But I must admit I was a little underwhelmed with the quality of the roads (not smooth) and did not enjoy so many blind slow curves. There were more straights than I expected also. We made the journey from Florida because we kept hearing how great the riding was. And it was nice- but not near as great as people say ( in my humble opinion). Then we went to the Smokies - there i was absolutely blown away. To me the Smokies are a 10 while the Hill country, in comparison, a 2 or 3. I write this to be the only person to say," don't get your hopes up" and if you can choose just for riding, choose the Smokies. Otherwise Texas was one of the best vacations we ever had.

Thanks - and don't hate - just my opinion

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