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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jun 03, 2010

Creator : Frazer M.
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Just completed Red Bluff to Fortuna on route 36. Unbelievable! Here in the UK we have some twisties but none that go on for 140 miles through spectacular scenery on roads that no one else seems to use! Rode "two up" on a 2006 Harley Softail Heritage which was good for the first 70 miles but very limited thereafter. Asked several people in Red Bluff if there was fuel on the way but no one knew. Why? Because no one used the road. On hearing that, I brimmed the bikewith premium, rode past the sign "twisties next 140 miles", held my breath and hoped for the best as the Harley was good on the straights for 130'ish miles from a tank. The first 40 odd miles are sweeping curves on glorious tarmac with supreme contours in the road. Through ranching country towards the snow-capped hills, after 48 miles there is Plantina. One store with one gas pump selling regular. Filled up, had a coffee and a chat with the lady who must see very few people in her daily routine and headed on, safe in the knowledge that I would reach Fortuna. I could relax, but not too much as the corners and views on the middle section are equally spectacular and can take you by surprise. Stop as much as you can cause you wont see this scenery every day! The road surfaces in the middle section are sometimes very rough with rockfalls and gravel to contend with but once through that, the last third of this road mirrors the first section with more sweeping bends allowing you to plan two and three corners in advance. I cant do justice to this road. I ride the TT course on the Isle of Man every year and that takes my breath away but the length, the road quality, the scenery, the cambers the sheer emptiness of both the road and the countryside is amazing. I went from Red Bluff to Fortuna and never came across another vehicle going westbound. I was riding for periods of 15 to 20 minutes without seeing another vehicle. Amazing! One regret, Harleys are the wrong bike for this road. I ride an Aprilia RSV R which would be good but could I stand after 140 miles of route 36? At my age I doubt it. Best bike in my opinion, any "sit-up" V-twin (Aprilia Tuono, Ducati Monster or Streetfighter) with good ground clearance. The engine does the braking leaving you off the brake lever able to look at the spectacular road that is coming at you at great speed. Do this road and every other one will fade into mediocrity. Frazzamacca, UK.

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