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By BiggityAT (7 McR Points) on Dec 01, 2011

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I have met people from all over the world who have come to ride the Sisters. Don't miss Frio Canyon just west of Leakey on FM337. It is a small Motorcycle Mecca in this area. Bikers and Motorcyclists welcome and friendly. A couple of important tips, FM337 between Medina and Leakey is technical, with long lulling stretches of predictable twists, until you get to the "Gulch" or "Gap" going west it is a mean decreasing radius after a sweet set of sweepers. Heading east it is a tight turn that opens up to an off-camber hump, and I don't know which is worse. For folks from urban areas FM336 is a "Free Range Cattle" area, which is Texan for no fences, and the occasional cattle guard (RR tracks 6 feet wide). About half of the cattle guards are on a curve. Also very important keep your eye out for a guy with a camera next to a Goldwing. He takes pictures of riders as they pass by and then you can buy them at I have several.

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