Back of the Dragon - By SnapThomas

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By SnapThomas (10 McR Points) on Nov 01, 2021

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After having ridden this road north to south about ten yrs ago (it wasn't much publicized yet) on the way to ride the 'Tail'; the ride on the 'Tail' was kind of anticlimactic. We just rode it again last month, this time south to north and this time it was a bit anticlimactic as we had been riding for two days with a local all over the back roads. I think one day we rode for about 5 hours and I don't think we were on a total of 5 miles of straight road. I wish I would have thought of a way to keep track of where all we went but I didn't. About the best I can say that most of it was east and south around Hillsville VA; in and around the Blue Ridge Pkwy but only briefly on the Pkwy. The roads were in great condition and not much traffic on a weekday. But . . . it was a work out on my trike LOL.

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