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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jan 19, 2011

Creator : Ziggy
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This route links up to lots of other cool little off shoots and is a good way to burn through a good 6 hours or so (from Royal Oak area) on if you're stuck in Southeast MI. Something to add is cutting off 25 after you've come around the thumb and pass through Bay Port and are about half way between Bay Port and Sebewaing (the next town on 25) start looking for Stein rd on your left or you can pass Stein and turn left on Kilmanagh, but you are going out of your way at that point. Anyway, take Stein rd down to Bay Port rd and turn right. This will take you into the coolest little postage stamp of a "settlement" called Kilmanagh. It's a town that never was. There is this cool old building with an antique art deco shell gas pump out in front. Just go there and see if you can fight the urge to immediately park your bike in front of this old building to take a picture. You'll see what I mean when you get there. You'll find yourself standing there at the weird 5 road intersection mumbling, "Cool . . ." over and over again. Have fun.

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