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By JFeezy (15 McR Points) on Nov 03, 2016

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This route is a nice alternative to slabbing endlessly through the corn fields of IL. I chose this route as a more scenic means of getting from Chi to StL (over I55). It dumps you out not far from Fast Eddy's which is an absolute must!
When we came through it was an absolute monsoon! By the time we got to the Grafton BP I could feel water sloshing around in my boots. (We stayed on 100 through Pere Marquette State Park)
There wasn't many opportunities to stop though. There was one 2 pump gas station a half hour or so before Grafton, but it didn't have an awning or any coverage so I kept going. There are a few parks along the way with pavilions, we probably should have stopped there and waited the storm out.

I've done I55 many of times and it's tiring. You just drone on and on, and on. With this route you at least get some trees, state parks, the IL river, and some turns in to break the monotony. Going north IL 24 to Peoria and 26 will get you close to I80 & Starved Rock. Something to consider. Great alternative if you have the time.

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