Coronado Trail - By Damage McPain

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By Damage McPain (16 McR Points) on Dec 16, 2021

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Rode this southbound on Nov 6th, 2021 on a rented '18 Suzuki SV 650 rolling on Dunlop Sport Maxx GPR 300 tires. Very technical, very twisty, fantastic views and tons of elevation change. The road conditions, however, can be pretty poor at times...particularly in the heavily-wooded, lower-3rd section between Alpine and Morenci. Very few (if any) potholes but plenty of pitted tar snakes and mid-turn patches of broken asphalt. Apex of hairpins, particularly right-handers near shoulder, can be gravelly, as there's no road shoulder to speak-of so forest dirt encroaches right up to outer white line. I'm 36yrs old and rode this with my 74yr old father who was on a '21 V-Strom 650. We both enjoyed it and would highly recommend, just be ready to ride carefully and expect poor road conditions. We both drifted wide a couple times and had some rear tire slide moments. The effort was exhausting so stay sharp and ride within your limits. I recommend going NORTH-bound so you're climbing in elevation, thus powering UPHILL most of the way, rather than descending through gravelly hairpins.

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