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By WindexSCRC (18 McR Points) on Jun 11, 2013

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Probably my #1 favorite route to ride, although I may be biased for growing up near here. It's got a little of everything - straight sections, sweeping curves, great scenery no matter what season, and plenty of good places to stop and take pictures if that's your thing. I remember as a kid many of the businesses in the small towns were vibrant and flourishing, and the trucks would really slow you down. After I-540 opened about 15 years ago, traffic on this road dried up to nearly nothing, and many times you can make it the whole with and see maybe one or two cars. There's a nice rest area near Brentwood that is kept up by the local community after it was abandoned by the state. If you stop there, drop a dollar into the donation box to help them out.

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