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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Oct 08, 2010

Creator : Adam
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My favorite ride. From the north, do it my way: from Pittsburgh (or from wherever you begin) to Maggie Valley via slab, just get it done - day two starts the fun. Tons of cheap no frills rooms in Maggie. I do it this way to insure that I get to ride the BRP south of Asheville. This portion is NOT to be missed. Seriously. I mean it, it's my reason for the trip! Day two: up early, big breakfast in Maggie and now we begin! Up the mountain to the BRP, head south to Cherokee, turn her around at southern terminus and... point her north. You now have 570 miles of unimpeded motorcycle bliss, including Skyline Drive, ahead of your front tyre. Plenty of places to camp along the way, (my preference) or if your old bones need a mattress, lotsa towns off the mountain en-route. Take a map, figure it out. There are no bad choices here. Isn't this why you ride? I allow two long days to complete the BRP including some photos, a little hiking, a coffee stop at Pisgah Inn, and chile at Mount Mitchell. I camp along the road and do my best to not leave the mountains. Allow three if you want to really savor the trip. From Front Royal (top of Skyline) I can get home without touching the interstate via Va50, Md42, Pa51 etc. Consult that map. One day covers my route from Waynesboro (bottom of Skyline) to Pittsburgh. Trust me on this, I've done it spring and fall for years. If you want to add the Dragon, figure a day for Maggie-Dragon-Maggie. Maps don't look like it, but you need a full day. Check out rt28 to Fontana dam while you're in the neighborhood. If you have the time, explore western NC - great roads, great people, great views, great food. Consult that map, pick some squiggly lines, again there are no bad choices. Wheels Thru Time Motorcycle Museum in Maggie is worth a look too. Another thing to consider - if you have complications or uncertainties at home, at no time during this ride are you more than one day's (hard) ride from Pittsburgh via interstate. I know, I know... not all you guys are from the 'burgh, but this should be illustrative for all east coast folks! I realize that this was supposed to be about the southern BRP, but there is too much along the way that you don't want to miss. Burn a couple extra sick days, you won't regret it. (The only things that I regret are the things that I did NOT do, rides that I didn't take, philosophically ... burn the days... And look for the red Triumph SprintST. I think they only built one, and we'll be on the Parkway!

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